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WEBINAR: Getting Started in Your Woods: 5 Things Every Vermont Woodland Owner Should Know

Join Woods, Wildlife and Warblers for a very special free webinar for Vermont landowners!

Do you want to learn how get started in your journey to enhance habitat for critical bird species and other remarkable wildlife? Watch the webinar now at

Vermont’s forest is 80% privately owned. As a woodland owner, how you care for and engage with your land can have significant impact on our forested landscape. Whether you are new to woodland ownership, or newly engaging with your land, this webinar will provide you with some tips and tools for getting started, including 5 things every Vermont woodland owner should know.

This webinar will feature two experts:

Kate Forrer, Community Forestry Specialist with University of Vermont - Extension, will provide an informative overview of tips on getting started with your land, including the top 5 things you really need to know.

Caroline Kuebler, Senior Manager of Woodland Owner Engagement with American Forest Foundation, will introduce you to an easy-to-use online tool to help you get started.