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Webinar: Conserving Vermont's Forest Birds

Are you interested in learning more about bird conservation efforts in Vermont and how you can make a difference on your own land? Watch our Woods, Wildlife and Warblers webinar now at

From warblers and thrushes to vireos and flycatchers, Vermont provides summer breeding habitat for some of the greatest diversity of neotropical migratory songbirds found anywhere in the lower 48 states. Many of these species are at risk due to loss of suitable habitat, forest fragmentation, introduced species, incompatible forest management, and climate change.  Bird conservation in the 21st century requires a proactive, multi-disciplinary approach. Steve Hagenbuch, Audubon Vermont’s Forest Bird Conservation Biologist, will introduce a number of bird species of conservation priority and discuss how Audubon is working with others to help promote forest management that results in high-quality nesting habitat and addresses threats to their survival.

Woods, Wildlife and Warblers is a non-profit partnership whose goal is to provide Vermont's landowners with the information and resources you need to better care for your woods and the wildlife that calls them home. Learn more here.