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Webinar: Managing Forests with Birds in Mind

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Hosted by Woods, Wildlife and Warblers.

On-the-ground actions by landowners are key to the conservation of forest birds. Learn what you can do on your own property! Watch the webinar now at

This webinar builds on the previous webinar presented by Steve about Vermont's role in conserving important bird species.

Wildlife habitat remains one of the main reasons that many people own land. Questions about how to actually go about creating or maintaining great habitat for birds and other wildlife are often on landowners’ minds. What are birds looking for in my woods? Is wildlife habitat compatible with other things I want to do in the forest? What in the world is an expanding gap irregular shelterwood? The list goes on and on. Steve Hagenbuch, Audubon Vermont’s Forest Bird Conservation Biologist, will guide us through the process of understanding the habitat needs of birds, management techniques that help provide those needs, and other forest health benefits to management with birds in mind. 

Woods, Wildlife and Warblers is a non-profit partnership whose goal is to provide Vermont's landowners with the information and resources you need to better care for your woods and the wildlife that calls them home. This webinar is part of a series to help landowners learn what they can do to steward their land. Learn more here.