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Woods, wildlife and warblers Materials for landowners

Woods, Wildlife and Warblers provides southern Vermont landowners with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to enhance and/or protect the health of forests now and into the future. This is accomplished by providing free information, events, and individual site visits by woodland experts.

What have you already done to support birds on your land? What do you plan to do and when? The following materials will help you determine which steps may be appropriate on your land:

Other resources for landowners

My Land Plan

My Land Plan, a program of the American Forest Foundation, can help you explore and discover how to manage your woodlands. Easy-to-use tools guide you to map your land, set goals, keep a journal and connect with woodland owners and foresters. They also have wildlife-specific tips to help you create better homes for more wildlife on your land. 


The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a federal agency that works with landowners to provide them resources to help care for their land. They offer programs to landowners such as technical assistance and even funding opportunities. NRCS offers tools and resources related to:

Agroforestry Systems, Climate Change, Energy, Engineering, Cropland Erosion, Environmental Easement Boundaries, Nutrient Management, Organic Farming, Pest Management, Science and Technology Conservation, Snow Surveys and Water Supply, Soil Surveys, Technical Service Providers, Water Quality Models, and more.

Learn more about NRCS in Vermont and explore ways that you can get involved.

Vermont Tree Farm Committee

The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) is the oldest and largest forest conservation, certification, and advocacy program in the United States. Not only is the Vermont Tree Farm Committee one of the core partners for Woods, Wildlife, and Warblers, they also offer tips and resources for landowners, such as how to find a forester.

They are sponsored by the Vermont Woodlands Association, which works to encourage and support high quality forestry and land management practices. Check out their forestry facts to learn more about forestry in Vermont. 

Audubon Vermont

Audubon Vermont is another core partner of the Woods, Wildlife, and Warblers program. They have excellent information about Vermont birds and wildlife, including information about Vermont's priority bird species. 

Use Value Appraisal (a.k.a. Current Use)

Vermont's Use Value Appraisal Property Tax Program (a.k.a Current Use) helps make being a woodland owner more affordable. It enables landowners who own at least 25 acres to base their property taxes on the forestry value of the land rather than its commercial or residential value. Learn more about the program with the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation's informational brochure.

Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation

Vermont's Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation provides great resources and information for landowners. Check out some of their tips for managing your woodland to see which of them relate to your goals for your land. Also be sure to check out their new set of guides for landowners interested in timber harvesting as part of their Cut With Confidence initiative. 

Vermont Coverts

Vermont Coverts is an organization that works to help Vermont landowners protect and enhance forests and wildlife habitat throughout the state. Every spring and fall, they host free a 3-day cooperator training program that educates participants on forest and wildlife management. They also host regular Forest Stewardship Workshops that focus on specific management topics. Learn more about their programs or check out their resources to learn more about forest management in Vermont. 

Vermont Fish and Wildlife

Vermont's Fish and Wildlife Department is part of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. They are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the fish, wildlife, and plants of Vermont as well as the habitats that support them. Check our their landowner resources and wildlife resources to learn more about living with and enjoying wildlife in Vermont.