Welcome, Northern Woodlands Magazine Readers!

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Thanks for learning more about the woods, wildlife and warblers program.

Woods, Wildlife and Warblers is working to give southern Vermont landowners the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to better care for their woods, including enhancing bird and other wildlife habitat. Learn more here.

Why is Vermont such an important bird habitat area?

Vermont and northern New England forests are home to some of the highest concentration of bird species breeding in the continental United States—meaning this region provides rich, essential habitat for all local wildlife species. As a result, Vermont landowners are essential to bird and wildlife conservation. 

Do you own forest in Southern Vermont?

The Woods, Wildlife and Warblers team is here to help you meet your goals for your woods. We can provide you with helpful information on just about anything related to your woodland. If you’re eligible, we can even set you up with someone to walk your land with you and discuss what you can do meet your goals, including enhancing habitat. Please contact us through this link.

Do you own forest somewhere else?

Check out My Land Plan, a free online resource offered by the American Forest Foundation to help you get the more out of the land you love.